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MoodDoctor provides quick, private assessments with immediate results. Get clear insights and personalized next steps to support your mental wellness. Start your journey towards better mental health with MoodDoctor.

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Your Path to Mental Wellness

At MoodDoctor, we specialize in providing data-driven insights and engaging assessments to support your mental health journey. Our goal is to help you understand your mental health and connect you with the right resources.



Our system can identify over 20 disorders, symptoms, and conditions, giving you a detailed understanding of your mental health.

Providing Answers Fast

Over the past five years, hundreds of thousands of individuals have used MoodDoctor™ to take control of their mental health. .



MoodDoctor™ provides personalized, immediate results that guide you toward the most appropriate mental health resources.

A Truly Smart System

Smart, Adaptive, and Immediate Mental Health Insights

MoodDoctor™ is designed with intelligent, adaptive technology that tailors follow-up questions based on your initial responses. This ensures a personalized and accurate assessment of your mental health. Our system calculates your results in real-time, comparing them against thousands of other assessments to provide you with immediate, actionable insights. Experience a smarter way to understand and manage your mental health with MoodDoctor™.

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Medical Founders

Dr. Corey Ericksen

Dr. Corey Ericksen

Founder & DO

As a Family Practice Physician, he specialized in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. He was on the National advisory panel for Eli Lilly as well as Glaxo Smith Kleine.
Dr. Tyler Dixon

Dr. Tyler Dixon

Co-Founder & DO

Dr. Dixon, a board-certified physician, and a co-founder of MoodDoctor™. His practice focuses on preventative care, well-child, adult care, chronic illness treatment and mental health.