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MoodDoctor Assessment free to the public:

MAKING SENSE OF EMOTIONS through triage. TRIAGE means translating emotional symptoms into a medical summary understood by Doctors.

Untreated mental or emotional illness can lead to isolation, broken relationships, dysfunction and even self-harm or suicide.

MoodDoctor – Helps you know if your symptoms need treatment and if so, what kind?

Fast, Accurate, and Affordable Access to Mental Healthcare.

Our cutting edge assessment software and network of Telemedicine providers makes MoodDoctor ™ the leader in diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders.

Bringing Mental Healthcare to You.

Our experienced team of medical providers are experts at diagnosing and treating mental health.


  • Step 1:  Schedule your appointment 
  • Step 2:  Take MoodDoctor™ assessment
  • Step 3:  See one of our expert medical providers over a convenient Telemedicine appointment. 

Telemedicine for Patients

Telemedicine is the preferred way to access medical care. Schedule an appointment today and experience treatment to remission with MoodDoctor ™.

Self Assessment

You can access our self-assessment platform from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

Become a MoodDoctor ™ Provider

Interested in joining our team? We are growing and looking for great Providers with a passion for technology and treating mental health. 

See a Provider on Your Schedule

Choose an appointment time and a plan that works best for you. We offer rates for individual appointments, or a monthly subscription that allows our members to see their dedicated Provider one time per month. 

Our Providers Understand Mental Health

Access the best mental healthcare providers with combined decades of experience.  All from the comfort of a location of your choice.  Using technology, MoodDoctor™ Providers are able to diagnosis and treat mental health disorders to remission.

Dr. Tyler Dixon

Dr. Tyler Dixon


Dr. Dixon, a board-certified physician, and a co-founder of MoodDoctor™.  His practice focuses on preventative care, well-child, adult care, chronic illness treatment and mental health.

Dr. Corey Ericksen

Dr. Corey Ericksen


Corey L Ericksen DO is the founder of MoodDoctor. Although a family physician for 35 years, he has always had a passion for treatment of mental health. He has been a national speaker to primary care in topics of depression, bipolar, anxiety and ADHD disorders. 

Gary Drescher

Gary Drescher


Ronald (Gary) Drescher, PA-C, has practiced as a physician assistant  for more than 10 years.  PA Drescher completed his medical training at the U.S. Army’s physician assistant program while doing clinical rotations at Fort Ord, California.  

I finally got the answers I’d been looking for!

After struggling with different diagnoses and treatments I was feeling super frustrated. It started to feel like I was never going to get the help I knew I needed. It feels good to feel good again!

Michael S., Cottonwood Heights, UT

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