The solution to timely and efficient mental health data gathering.

MoodDoctor™- designed to help patients and providers gather data relevant to common mental health disorders in a simple, efficient process. The Data Summary supports licensed practitioners toward a diagnosis by organizing data in a familiar and easy to review format consistent with DSM-V© guidelines.

We help all people: 1 of every 5 people will have a treatable mental health disorder in their life

 Evaluate your emotions to see if it represents a disorder needing treatment
 Initiate your mental health treatment process
 Save your provider the time it would take to ask all the right questions
 Connects you to your Provider or helps you find one with experience

We help Medical Professionals: 1 of every 5 primary care patients has a mental health complaint

 Save time with answers to questions you would spend over 30 minutes asking
 Meet quality requirements by documenting PHQ-9 and other screeners
 Bring in new patients to your clinic with valuable marketing tool
 Restore the satisfaction that comes from meaningful patient encounters
 Identify co morbid disorders and risk that dramatically impacts outcome

We help Organizations: Last year over $200 billion of productivity was lost on mental health disorders

 Help identify risk for groups like employees, insured lives, campus students,
inmates, private benefit groups etc.

 Marketing tool with proven cost acquisition advantages
 Improve the function and productivity of those in your organization
 Reduce suicide and substance abuse rates
 Identify co morbid disorders and risk that dramatically impacts outcome